How to Install Side Discharge on Lawn Mower

3 Ways To Do It

The first step to installing side discharge on a lawn mower is to remove the old discharge chute. Next, you may need to replace the bolts that were holding it in place. You can now install the new side discharge unit by following these instructions: 1) Mount bracket with fasteners, 2) Assemble and attach filter screen assembly, 3) Attach blade guard and mounting hardware (screws), 4) Install blades (one on each side of blade guard), 5) Connect wiring harness connector according 6) Secure retaining straps. If you are alone at home, you should read this article called how to install side discharge on lawn mower.

How To Install Side Discharge On Lawn Mower 14 Hours Ago

Don’t forget to attach the bagging chute. You can do this by inserting the hose in one side of the discharge tube and then securing it on both sides with clamps. Now you’re ready for some yard work!

Side Discharge is an optional attachment that can be added to a lawnmower blade guard on each side of the blade (on each side). The discharge chute attaches with four quick-release clamps at the bottom and two brackets attached near the top. The size range of this accessory is between 46″ to 58″. It may not fit on all makes or models due to differences in design, such as cover plates which need removing before installation. When attaching it’s important not to forget about adding a bagging chute so debris doesn’t scatter across your yard.

Beware that installation may vary depending on your make and model of mower. For instance, if you have a Troy-Bilt self propelled unit, you will need to remove the cover plate before installing any parts; while EZGO requires two bolts for mounting bracket instead of four. You should read instructions carefully for your make, model and year of mower.