Common Issues With Electricity Level Switches

Reasons Your Level Switch Isn’t Working

If you are experiencing issues with your LKI AS level switches, there is a good chance that the problem lies in the electrical system. Many businesses simply try to fix these problems themselves without knowing what is actually causing them.

A common issue with level switches is that they are not properly grounded. If you have a ground wire coming out of the top or bottom of your switch, it may need to be re-tightened. This will ensure better electrical conductivity and avoid any issues where electricity can jump onto other metal objects near your equipment. Another set of problems occurs when there is too much voltage in the system which causes arcs between different connections on breakers or fuses which then starts fires because these components become over heated due to excessive current draw through them without proper wiring protection measures.


These types of faults cause power leakage into adjacent circuits as well as overloads which could damage sensitive electronic control boards if left unchecked long enough. During installation, make sure all wires are fully insulated. The insulation should not be worn or cracked because this can expose wires that are live to outside objects, causing a shock hazard.

All level switches have an electrical system which enables them to work properly and ensure the desired result is achieved in terms of their operation. If you experience problems with your level switch it may lie within the equipment itself however there could also be other causes for malfunctioning such as wiring issues or voltage imbalances on electricity levels being present at any given time during usage. It’s important when working with any kind of electric related products especially ones where they can pose a threat to the safety of yourself and others around you, that if any problems occur with them such as they not working or switching off during use it’s important you seek qualified assistance from an expert in this field. This is especially true when dealing with high-voltage equipment which can be lethal without proper understanding of how these electrical components work.