Common Issues with Automatic Garage Doors

Problems With Your Automatic Garage Door

Automatic garage door Calgary is a convenient and cost-effective way to get in and out of your garage. The problem with automatic garage door is that they can be prone to malfunctions. Fortunately, there is a solution to every malfunction.

Garage door won’t open automatically due to a malfunctioning sensor or an electric eye not detecting the presence of something in its way. Solution: Confirm that there’s nothing blocking the movement path (such as a car) before manually opening the door with your remote control unit, then press either “Up,” “Down” or “Close” on your controller until it starts moving again.

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The problem of hearing loud screeching noises when driving over a garage floor surface which may be due to misaligned wheels along tracks. Solutions: In this case, you’ll have to re-align/adjust both side track rails; all you need for this purpose are pliers and lubricant spray.

Garage door won’t close automatically because of one or more of these problems: The door has an electric eye malfunction, the sensor is faulty or a wire connection has shorted out. Solution: Troubleshoot any issue that may be preventing your garage door from closing automatically.

Garage Door Won’t Close Automatically if There’s No Power to the Unit. Solution: Check all electrical connections and power sources. If you’ve verified they are secured in place and operational, then there could be one of two things wrong with your system – either it needs repair or replacement (contact an expert).

The solenoid brake will not engage after pushing down on the remote control. Solution: Make sure the safety sensor light is not on, and then push down again on your remote control unit until you hear a clicking sound from the solenoid brake engaging; if it still won’t engage after trying this three times, contact an expert for help with repairs or replacement of parts.